Simple Methods of Dog Toilet Training

How fun would it be to find your dog toilet training so perfect that your dog can now run to the bathroom, lift the toilet seat and stand on his two hind legs and release himself?

You would certainly be the talk of the town.

Or if you had a female dog and you just so happened to walk past the bathroom only to find her squatting with a newspaper as they do in the cartoons?

Although this may not be possible, there actually is a product made for your dog to release themselves and it is considered to be a dog toilet.

Though this may be, when most people speak of dog toilet training, they are really talking about house breaking your new addition.

The act of doing this really has nothing to do with a toilet. It is customary to want to train your pet to use the bathroom outdoors.

I know I know…

…I call it using the bathroom when it has nothing to do with any part of one. It is a term that I use commonly so for the sake of the article I am going to continue to do so.

Anyway, it is recommendable to train them to release themselves outdoors because this would avoid having to clean up and disinfect your home from bad odors and stenches caused by your dog going to the bathroom indoors.

Some people consider dog toilet training the act of giving your pet a designated area indoors, where he is allowed to release himself.

It is wise to make this area one where there is paper laid on the floor for them to use and you would just have to throw the paper away as opposed to picking up poop and mopping urine and poop stains from the floor every day.

Whatever method you use make sure you remain consistent. Do not stray away from your techniques as this will confuse the pup.

This confusion may then cause him to use the bathroom in areas other than the indoor or outdoor designated area. This will then become a problem because once he uses another area it can become habit for him to continue to use it.

You then will have no choice but to retrain him in your methods of dog toilet training, which will then be a waste of precious time. Try to refrain from deviation and you will have a successful potty trained puppy.