Cat Toilet Training Using Just Your Litter Box

Cats are picky and finicky creatures. They are even particular of where they go to the bathroom. Cats by nature are pretty clean animals and they appreciate your consideration when you provide a clean environment for them. If you are a single person who lives a busy lifestyle, that task can prove to be a big bother and nuisance for you and your cat. Toilet training your cat can be simple and painless if you make a few suggested adjustments that will save you some frustration and time. This will enable you to continue with your busy life and keep your cat satisfied.

The type of litter box you use matters greatly in the process of toilet training your cat. After your cat has gone to the bathroom, the customary action is to cover up the evidence. This can become a regular mess and chore for you if you do not provide the correct litter box for your furry friend. A sturdy and tall litter box or completely covered litter box would be your best options. These types of litter boxes are the most private for your cat and requires less time consuming maintenance from you.

Location is important when attempting to toilet train your cat. Pick an area in your home that is private and concealed. Cats are always aware of their surroundings and they rather not draw attention to themselves. A less visible area for your cat to do their business can ensure that your cat will consistently use the same area. A careful and well thought out location for your cat’s litter can eliminate unexpected surprises throughout your home, which consume your limited time, to clean.

Keeping your litter box area completely clean is a necessity in successfully toilet training your cat. Cats are an impeccably clean animal. They will not use the bathroom in areas that seem crowded, smelly, disorganized or unclean. If your litter box area should ever seem to be unattended, your cat will independently and slyly alert you of your poor cat toilet training approach. Your cat might leave you an inconvenient reminder, in an unlikely place like your bed that emphasizes your litter box negligence.

Cat toilet training should be better referred to as cat toilet negotiating. Many pet trainers will agree that training a cat takes a little patience and persistence. There are other techniques that you can use on your cat along with providing the perfect litter box. Trainers recommend specific socializing techniques that can be used to reinforce positive behavior and results. Activities such as play time or play sessions, relaxing massages, rewards and a lot of attention have proven to receive the best response from our furry friends. If you do encounter a problem with your cat’s use of the litter box do not yell at them. It is recommended that you simply continue to reinforce good behavior by rewarding or playing with your cat when they do go to the bathroom properly.